The Baltimore National Heritage Area (BNHA) is a congressionally designated area encompassing 22 square miles within the city of Baltimore. The mission of BNHA is to promote, preserve, and enhance the heritage area’s cultural, historic, and natural resources for current and future generations. BNHA encourages activities that spur economic development through heritage tourism and make the heritage area more visitor-ready, visitor-friendly, and more livable for Baltimore residents.

Please choose the application or report form from the menu below which best serves your purpose today. Report forms are for current grantees only. 

Thank you for submitting your mid-progress, project report form for your grant award! Baltimore National Heritage Area is looking forward to reading about your progress, any challenges and successes to date.  We would also like to know if you have secured your match ($1 for $1 match requirement for all awards). Even though your proof of match requirement is not required until your final report at the end of your project, BNHA's hope is that you are able to expend your match funds in year two of your project. BNHA will disburse your final grant payment once the project is complete, and your final report is submitted and approved. 

This is simply a formal check-in with our partners and their open grants. No financial documentation is required at this time, unless you would like to submit it now. It will be saved to your file. Please contact us by email ( or by phone 410-878-6411 and our grants administrator or any of our BNHA staff if you have any questions or need additional information. We are happy to help! 

Congratulations on the completion of your project, funded in part by Baltimore National Heritage Area's grant award! Thank you for submitting your final report below. Forms to complete this report (for upload) can be found on our website's grants page at Upon review and approval of this final report, the Baltimore National Heritage Area will issue your final payment. It is important to sign, scan, and then upload your final disbursement request form with this report as this form activates your final payment. Once approved by BNHA, it takes approximately 30 days to receive a payment from the City of Baltimore directly (by mailed check, or a shorter timeframe if your organization is already enrolled in the Electronic Funds Transfer program with the City) OR approximately 10 business days if this is a Heritage Investment Grant award or Neighborhood Placemaking Grant award. Please ensure your mailing address and EIN are correct on this form.

If you have any questions or need additional help, please email the BNHA Grants Administrator at

The BNHA Grants Administrator will contact you if there is any missing documentation, or if any additional information is needed.

We are looking forward to reading your final report and project outcomes. Thank you for your partnership! 

Baltimore National Heritage Area